Welcome to the RSS news website. This blog is aimed at the subject of showing how data and statistics are increasingly being employed in local businesses such as locksmiths and construction companies. These days with the ever increasing number of data gathering tools available to businesses, just about everyone can use customer and economic data to help boost their business.

How a Locksmith Stockport Uses data to run a business

These days even small businesses can benefit from knowing hair customer patterns. I would go as far to say that small businesses can gain even more of an edge of their competitors and perhaps a large business good using the same data. It still remains true that most businesses such as locksmiths, who helped people to replace locks and lost keys for example do not rely on business intelligence and data in their day-to-day tasks.

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This means that a locksmith that did utilise this data, could be given a significant advantage over other locksmiths in the area. We spoke with one car locksmiths in Stockport who was doing just that, over the past 12 months a locksmith that we spoke to had been recording his daily business transactions and customer patterns, this allowed him to use a bespoke piece of software to determine what types of jobs he was likely to face at certain times of the day. As an example of some of the findings, he discovered that most Lost keys were reported around 6 PM at night when people had made the journey home from work and discovered that they were locked out of their own homes.

How a Locksmith Stockport used statistics to hire employees

Customer pattern Data that can be visualised using a number of tools is not purely for information purposes. They are actionable things that a locksmith can use this type of data for. As an example of this, If a business would know that they’re busy time was primarily in September then they could take steps to ensure that the employ extra staff during this busy period to make sure that that they are able to satisfy the demands of their customers in a timely fashion.

We have also spoken to people in other areas of United Kingdom, such as a locksmith Manchester. We are seeing the uptake of statistical analysis becoming increasingly popular in the areas where technology start-ups are located. These start-ups are actively speaking with local businesses and convincing them of the value of what they offer.

How a concrete fence panels company is benefiting from statistical analysis

It’s not simply customer numbers and shopping patterns that can be analysed statistically to forecast future events. Companies such as those that manufacture items likeĀ concrete fence panels, can also use data collected to improve their construction process. It has been fairly commonplace in many modern factories to use data collected by either machinery or their workforce in order to improve procedures. This type of detailed information gathering is spreading to smaller companies such as those that helped to create less technologically advanced items like concrete panels and concrete fencing panels.

The type of dated that we are referring to is to do with product quality, if things like compression strength can be measured on a regular basis the variables that effect it can also be discovered. Concrete panels can be made to specification much more easily when Data modelling software and statistics can help to discover the causes behind any variation.

Using data to improve concrete fence panels construction

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With improved data modelling also comes the need for more sophisticated data recording. We would go as far to say that recording the data is perhaps the most crucial step in the entire process for example obtaining accurate data on concrete panels specifications is just as important as what companies do with data. We spoke with one such company at kept peer data in a sophisticated database, this database was then able to be queried and the company able to discover how different raw materials are prefect in the finished product.

This type of meticulous recording when making things such as prestressed fence panels may seem like a overkill to an outside party however when it can be used for powerful things such as research and development of new products, the attention to detail soon begins to pay off.